Fight For Kunming

Fight For Kunming

I am not doctor or medical expert,what can I do for my city during the threat of COVID-19 ? As member of RCSC Kunming Rescue Team,I think that to be volunteer is perfect way.


2020.02.28 YNTV RCSC Kunming Branch Published the Statistics of Donation for COVID-19
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I have volunteered from 20th Feb to 17th April , my mission was communicating with Kunming Customs ,and receiving international donation as soon as possible,soon after delivering donation to hospital or China CDC Kunming Branch. ( China CDC is abbreviation of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention )

Ms Li Malin,The Vice Governor of Yunnan Province has inspected RCSC Kunming Rescue Team on 6th March. She has sincerely admired and appreciated volunteer who have accomplished all missions during the threat of COVID-19

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