2020 World First Aid Day

2020 World First Aid Day

First aid is a humanitarian act that should be accessible to all. With first aid skills volunteers are empowered to save lives.

Millions of people are hurt or killed from injuries every year because adequate and timely assistance is not provided. Effectively, first aid reduces deaths, injuries and impact during disasters and daily emergencies.


The term ‘First Aid’ means the help that is provided to anyone who is suffering from damage. Its primary goal is to protect the life and keep the condition from worsening. Every time it is not necessary that some medical staff help. In an emergency, even ordinary people can help and can save someone’s life by providing first aid.

World First Aid Day is observed on every second Saturday of September to raise awareness that how first aid can save lives. In 2020, it falls on 12th September.The theme for 21th World First Aid Day , which was tagged “First Aid During COVID-19 Pandemic”.

In Kunming,events and activities held on 4th,5th and 12th Sep,we focus on first aid training for ordinary people at metro station and city square.

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